The Tweeting Galah (eBook)

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The #1 rule of flying is to NEVER use your phone while in the air. But surely Gabbo’s teacher won’t notice if he posts just the one selfie …

Join Gabbo, the cheeky galah from Western Australia, and his friends as they learn how to navigate the world of social networking, online gaming and digital devices. 

The Tweeting Galah is a collection of short stories about growing up in the digital age. Uniquely Australian characters bring to life the modern-day dilemmas faced by children in today's technology-rich world.

Funny, quirky and relatable.

These cyber safety stories will delight young readers, while serving as important conversation starters for parents and teachers.

With over 7,500 copies sold worldwide, The Tweeting Galah cyber safety series is the "Aesop's Fables of the 21st Century" that will delight young and old alike!

The Tweeting Galah book is made up of four short stories for children:

"The Tale of the Tweeting Galah"
: Despite being told not to use his phone while flying, Gabbo finds the temptation too great. He learns the hard way that when you post something online, ANYONE can see it. 

"The Sensational Saga of the Bumbling Bilby"
: Sure, it was funny when Balbina the Bilby fell over during her PE lesson ... but it is not so funny when her friends posted a video of it online and EVERYONE sees it. 

"The Strange Story of the Singing Clownfish"
: Clancy the Clownfish has made a new online friend. But when she starts digging deeper she realises that her 'friend' may not be who they say they are ...

"Curious Case of the Overly Playful Platypus"
: Presley the Platypus loves playing on his new iPad. It stops becoming so fun though, when the iPad begins taking over Presley's life.

Each story concludes with six reflection questions, to guide discussion and learning activities.

Teaching digital citizenship and online safety has never been easier, with this fun resource created by an experienced Digital Technologies teacher. The Tweeting Galah is an innovative and entertaining approach to cyber safety education that kids will love!