The Little Possum who Looked Up (eBook)

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If you enjoyed Dr Seuss, you'll love The Little Possum who Looked Up!

Quirky rhymes and funny characters address the important issue of screen time balance … for the WHOLE family!

When Pebbles the Possum looks up from her screen, she sees the moon shining brightly outside her window. She decides to stop looking up faraway places on her tablet, and visit them in real life instead. But to finish her rocket ship and get to the moon, she’ll need some help from her family. If only they could LOOK UP from their screens long enough to help her!

Managing screen time is an issue many families are facing, from an increasingly young age. 34% of parents with preschool children are concerned about online/internet addiction while 52% of parents think their kid is spending too much time online. There are even concerns about how much time parents are spending online! 52% of parents said they spend too much time on mobile devices and 39% of kids agree!

The Little Possum Who Looked Up is an entertaining, relatable and age-appropriate approach to educate the whole family about the importance to spending time together without any screens.

Praise for The Little Possum who Looked Up

"I am a huge fan of Kim Maslin’s cyber safety stories! The Little Possum Who Looked Up is another fabulous title to add to my technology themed children’s book list. This story is very relatable for kids and adults alike, as it addresses monitoring screen time and learning to be present by spending quality time with the people you love. The rhythmic rhyme of the words make this story flow beautifully!" - Julie Smith, The Techie Teacher

“We are living in a technological world that allows us to connect, learn and be entertained in unprecedented ways. In this beautiful children’s book, Pebbles the Possum gently reminds us that our use of technology needs to be balanced and not displace face to face connection, communication, relationships and experiences. The Little Possum Who Looked Up provides us all with an opportunity to reflect on our use of technology and the wonderful experiences we can share together online and offline.” - Kayelene Kerr - Cyber Safety and Digital Wellness Specialist, WA Child Safety Services

Read at HOME or at SCHOOL

The Little Possum who Looked Up is the perfect classroom or learning from home resource for teaching primary school students. Reflection questions at the end of the book mean it is literally a "grab-n-go" set of lessons for you and your children to enjoy!

The book is well suited for children aged 3 - 7, and meets the following curriculum:
* Digital Technologies
* English
* Science
* Health
* Humanities & Social Sciences

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