The Surfing Penguin (eBook)

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The Surfing Penguin is a modern collection of short stories for young readers, with uniquely Australian imagery, relatable characters and important morals.

The second book in The Tweeting Galah cyber safety children's book series.

Made up of four short stories about growing up in the digital age:

The Scary Plight of the Surfing Penguin
When Pablo the Penguin's big brother finds a movie online for them to watch, it's a little scarier than Pablo was prepared for ...!

The Courageous Quest of the Smiling Quokka
Quinn the Quokka is devastated when she sees nasty comments posted on her photo. Luckily, her friend knows just what to do!

The Troublesome Episode of the Trolling Echidna
Edgar the Echidna thinks mucking around and destroying things in his online game is hilarious ... but not everyone agrees!

The Galahs' Close Encounter with the Creeping Kestrel
Gabrielle the Galah learns the hard way that there are dangers to posting your location online... But her big brother, Gabbo, is there to save the day!

Read these short stories aloud to your students via your online classroom, or send every student a digital copy!

Augmented Reality Experiences Included 

The animals' stories and lessons are brought to life using innovative Zappar augmented reality technology, adding a unique dimension to this reading experience.

This is a great addition to computer and technology education classes worldwide.

“The Surfing Penguin” offers a unique approach to cyber safety education for children, parents and teachers alike! Using Zappar augmented reality technology, children are able to further engage with the story using a smart device. Engaging learning activities allow children to develop a deeper understanding of cyber safety issues. Download free lesson plans and resources via "The Tweeting Galah" lesson library.

With its relatable characters, vibrant illustrations and quirky stories, “The Surfing Penguin” is a story for everyone to enjoy!

The Surfing Penguin covers the following cyber safety issues:

  • Viewing inappropriate content
  • Cyber bullying
  • Trolling (Online Gaming)
  • Location services

"I used your stories yesterday and today with ALL my classes as a way of starting the discussion about Safer Internet Day! Thank you for such a great resource" - Primary Teacher, WA

"Pumped to have received these brilliant eSafety themed story books from Kim Maslin. Already had a play with the AR cards and can't wait to share them with my students" - Primary Teacher & Instructional Leader, Victoria

Teaching digital citizenship and online safety has never been easier, with this fun resource created by an experienced Digital Technologies teacher. The Tweeting Galah is an innovative and entertaining approach to cyber safety education that kids will love!