About The Tweeting Galah cyber safety children's book series

Learn more about the entertaining and educational stories that make up this uniquely Australian series!

The Tweeting Galah

Four short stories about growing up in the digital age, complete with interactive augmented reality experiences:
The Tale of the Tweeting Galah
The NUMBER ONE rule of flying is to never use your phone. But surely Gabbo's teacher won't notice if he posts just one selfie ...!?

The Sensational Saga of the Bumbling Bilby
Sure, it was funny when Balbina the Bilby fell over during her PE lesson ... but it's not so funny when her friends posted a video of it online.

The Strange Story of the Singing Clownfish
Clancy the Clownfish has made a new online friend. But when she starts digging deeper she realises that her 'friend' may not be who they appear to be...

Curious Case of the Overly Playful Platypus
Presley the Platypus loves playing games on his new iPad ... until it starts interfering with the rest of his life.


The Surfing Penguin

Four more short stories about growing up in the digital age, complete with interactive augmented reality experiences:

The Scary Plight of the Surfing Penguin
When Pablo the Penguin's big brother finds them a movie on the internet, it's a little scarier than Pablo was prepared for. Now what. is. that.tapping at the window!?

The Courageous Quest of the Smiling Quokka
Quinn the Quokka is devastated when she sees nasty comments posted on her photo... Luckily, her friend knows just what to do!

The Troublesome Episode of the Trolling Echidna
Edgar the Echidna thinks mucking around and destroying things in his online game is hilarious ... but not everyone agrees!

The Galahs' Close Encounter with the Creeping Kestrel
Gabrielle the Galah learns the hard way that there are dangers to posting your location online. Fortunately her big brother, Gabbo, is there to save the day!

The Little Possum who Looked Up

If you enjoyed Dr Seuss, you'll loveThe Little Possum who Looked Up! Quirky rhymes and funny characters address the important issue of screen time balance … for the WHOLE family!

When Pebbles the Possum looks up from her screen, she sees the moon shining brightly outside her window. She decides to stop looking up faraway places on her tablet, and visit them in real life instead. But to finish her rocket ship and get to the moon, she’ll need some help from her family. If only they could LOOK UP from their screens long enough to help her!


The Zooming Owl

With a termite attack forcing the closure of the Flying Academy for Young Galahs, Wing Commander Grey is transitioning his class to online learning. Gabbo and his friends are looking forward to video conferencing with the acclaimed Intergalactic Flying Operations Specialist, Pilot Wingstrong .... as long as technology issues don’t get in the way!

The Zooming Owl is a must-read for any primary aged child transitioning into online learning. The reflection questions at the end provide guidance for teachers and parents to help kids understand this new way of communicating and learning.

About the author

Kim Maslin is a passionate educator and author currently living in Esperance, Western Australia. Her background is in ICT and education, and she has taught learners aged 5 to 85-year-olds how to use digital technologies.

In 2017, Kim launched The Tweeting Galah cyber safety book series. The idea was born out of the desire to provide cyber safety education to children in a more integrated and fun way. 
She hopes to play a significant role in helping people of all ages use technology in a safe way. You can find out more about what Kim does on her official website - http://kimmaslin.com/.