Digital Citizenship Student Task Cards

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These task cards were initially created to celebrate Safer Internet Day 2019, however they are suitable for use all year round. A fun and practical collection of 24 different activities which teach primary school students about digital citizenship, focusing on key cyber safety issues. 

About the Task Cards

These 24 activity task cards are designed for students to complete after having read each of the stories from the illustrated children's book, The Tweeting Galah. Each task is linked to the four critical skills:

  • x6 activities for “The Tale of the Tweeting Galah” – RESPECT
  • x6 activities for “The Strange Story of the Singing Clownfish” – REASONING
  • x6 activities for “The Sensational Saga of the Bumbling Bilby” – RESILIENCE 
  • x6 activities for “The Curious Case of the Overly Playful Platypus” – RESPONSIBILITY 

 These cards are suitable for use as part of literacy rotations, early finisher/extension activities or whole class cyber safety/digital citizenship activities.

Some of the activities link specifically back to the story and characters, while other activities are broader and you do not need to have read the stories in order to complete them.


About Safer Internet Day

“Safer Internet Day (SID) is an annual, worldwide event held in February to help encourage a better internet, with this year’s theme (2019) —‘Together for a better internet’ encourages individuals to create a better internet by developing four, critical skills. We call these skills the 4Rs: Respect, Responsibility, Reasoning and Resilience.

Find out more on the Office of the eSafety Commissioner’s website.