A Short Story about Starting Online Learning

A Short Story about Starting Online Learning - The Tweeting Galah

I've spent the past couple weeks watching all these horrible and crazy events unfold around the world, trying to work out if there's any small way I can help ...

The move many classes are having to make to online/remote learning is a challenging one - so much to consider, with so little time.

There are many resources currently out there to support teachers, great step-by-step instructions and at-home activities. But something I didn't find much of was a resource/hook to help introduce this new way of schooling life to kids.

It occurred to me that Gabbo the Galah and his feathery/furry friends might have a role to play ... and so I've been somewhat frantically working away the past week to release a new free eBook, The Zooming Owl.

The general premise of the story goes like this:

"With a termite attack forcing the closure of the Flying Academy for Young Galahs, Wing Commander Grey is transitioning his class to online learning.
Gabbo and his friends are looking forward to video conferencing with the acclaimed Intergalactic Flying Operations Specialist, Pilot Wingstrong .... as long as technology issues don’t get in the way!"


The story includes reflection questions at the end.

The amazing illustrator, John Field, has been working around the clock to create the fantastic front cover illustration - his creativity and skills are just amazing! I'm so grateful for his efforts in helping me get this book out as quickly as we have. I also couldn't have done this without the amazing work of my wonderful support team!

I'm more than happy for teachers/parents to read this story (or any of the other books in The Tweeting Galah cyber safety children's book series) through whichever private online platform you are using.

I hope this story offers some support to teachers at this challenging time.

Take care and stay safe!

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