Free Download: Digital 'Feather Prints'

Digital footprints activity

Free Download: Digital 'Feather Prints' 

Looking for a fresh way to teach the digital citizenship concept of digital footprints to your primary school students?  

This digital ‘feather prints’ activity is an engaging and easy activity that encourages digital citizenship discussions throughout the school year. 

Digital ‘feather prints’: a fun twist on ‘digital footprints’. 

While footprints can wash away, feathers on a bird are far more permanent. 

Feathers are visible and attached to the bird. They are an important part of what makes a bird who they are... much like children’s online activities are an extension of who they are in real life! 

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How to complete this activity:

  1. Read The Tale of the Tweeting Galah (from The Tweeting Galah)* 
  2. Print out Gabbo the Galah template and feathers for each student (see following pages)
  3. Students carefully cut out the templates 
  4. Students write on each feather the different social media sites, apps, games and website that they currently use
  5. Students glue each feather onto their Gabbo the Galah template
  6. Display finished work in your classroom as a visual reminder of the different ways students present themselves online
  7. Schedule in time throughout the year for students to add new feathers to their poster

*This illustrated short story is a great way to introduce digital ‘feather prints’/footprints to your students. The story tells of Gabbo the Galah, who learns an important lesson about posting online when he shouldn’t! Available in both print and eBook format.

Click here to download this free activity

I hope you and your students enjoy this activity! Please remember to tag @thetweetinggalah on Instagram or @kimmaslin on Twitter so I can see what your finished posters look like! 

The Tweeting Galah Digital Footprints Activity

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