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"School in a Box" Initiative

"School in a Box" Initiative

100% of all profits from The Tweeting Galah website will be used to purchase UNICEF’s “School-in-a-Box” packs for the remainder of Semester 1, 2022.

These packs include the essentials for children to continue learning during times of crisis and conflict. (You can also donate directly via UNICEF’s website).

Invasions, epidemics and natural disasters all impact on children’s ability to safely attend school. An estimated 35 million children around the world have been forcibly displaced. Nearly half of school-age refugee children are out of school.

We know that education helps to inspire fun and shape futures. That’s what makes the “School-in-a-Box” packs such a meaningful initiative.  

I know many of you reading this already own The Tweeting Galah books (thank you!) … so here is a great excuse to add the eBooks to your collection; buy the puppets for your grandchildren; or send a printed pack to your teacher bestie.

Together, I hope we can make a real impact

– Kim Maslin, author The Tweeting Galah


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Photo credit: UNICEF 

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