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Zappar AR Experiences: No longer supported in 2023

Zappar AR Experiences: No longer supported in 2023

Please be aware that from December 2022, the augmented reality (AR) experiences incorporated into The Tweeting Galah series will no longer be supported.

This change affects the following products:

  • The Tweeting Galah
  • The Surfing Penguin
  • AR Character Selfie Cards

While the stories and illustrations remain in tact, the Zappar codes printed onto the pages will no longer be active. 

This decision has not been made lightly. I know these AR experiences have engaged thousands of children around the world over the past six years. When I first was creating The Tweeting Galah I knew I wanted to add something to make it a little bit 'innovative' - these Zappar AR experiences provided just that!

I thank everyone who used and enjoyed the AR experiences in the books, as well as the team at Zappar who supported my projects from the outset. 



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