The Teacher's "Anytime, Anywhere" Pack

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Digital Technologies, Health and English lessons made easy, accessible (and fun!) - whether you are teaching face-to-face or online. 

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Unique and quirky Australian characters bring to life the common dilemmas faced by children growing up with technology in the 2020s.

The Teacher's "Anytime, Anywhere" pack includes all the essentials to introduce The Tweeting Galah series into your primary school classroom (whether that classroom is physical or online) - making Digital Technologies, Health, English, Protective Behaviours and/or ICT Capability lessons that bit easier (and more entertaining!) 

The pack includes the following products from The Tweeting Galah series:

Physical products included:

  • The Tweeting Galah (paperback)
  • The Surfing Penguin (paperback)
  • The Little Possum who Looked Up (paperback)
  • The Zooming Owl (paperback)
  • Augmented Reality Character Selfie Cards 

Digital products included:

  • The Tweeting Galah (eBook)
  • The Surfing Penguin (eBook)
  • The Little Possum who Looked Up (eBook)
  • The Zooming Owl (eBook)

Designed for the primary classroom

Planning Digital Technologies lessons doesn’t have to be complicated, or cost a fortune in fancy robotics equipment. The Tweeting Galah series is designed to work as its own standalone lessons... they are literally ready to just grab-n-go!

Created by an experienced educator, The Tweeting Galah is aligned with the Digital Technologies, Protective Behaviours, Health, English and ICT Capability curriculum. Suitable for primary school students, Years 1 - 6.

Each story addresses a contemporary cyber safety issue relevant to today’s children (Aesop's Fable-style). These issues include: posting online (digital footprint), online stranger danger, screen time balance, photo permissions, viewing inappropriate content, cyber bullying, gaming, trolling, online privacy and virtual learning. Each story concludes with reflection questions to guide classroom discussion - ensuring students have the chance to reflect on each topic. 

Augmented reality experiences are available within the books, offering a simple and safe way of integrating some technology into your lessons - without you having the prepare anything! 

About the Teacher's "Anytime, Anywhere" Pack products


Four short stories about growing up in the digital age, complete with reflection questions at the end of each story, and interactive augmented reality experiences at the end.


Four more short stories about growing up in the digital age, complete with reflection questions and interactive augmented reality experiences at the end of each story.


Quirky rhymes and relatable characters address the important issue of screen time balance … for the whole family! Beautifully illustrated and perfect for tying in with STEM activities. 


A short story about transitioning to online learning, and learning to deal with the inevitable technology glitches!


Interactive Zappar face tracking technology lets you transform into the different animals from The Tweeting Galah book series. Take photos or videos and share with your friends and family!

More about The Tweeting Galah series 

The Tweeting Galah is a collection of short stories about growing up in the digital age. Join Gabbo, the cheeky galah from Western Australia, and his furry and feathery friends, as they learn how to navigate the world of social networking, online gaming and digital devices. 

The series is written by West Australian Digital Technologies Educator, Kim Maslin. Each book is vibrantly illustrated by West Australian artist, John Field. 

These cyber safety stories will delight young readers, while serving as important conversation starters for parents and teachers.

With over 10,000 copies sold worldwide, The Tweeting Galah children's cyber safety series is the "Aesop's Fables of the 21st Century" that will delight young and old alike!

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The Teacher's "Anytime, Anywhere" Pack

The Teacher's "Anytime, Anywhere" Pack

$105.00 $124.00