Live & Unplugged: What's new in 2022

Live & Unplugged: What's new in 2022

Here at The Tweeting Galah HQ we are so excited to be launching a range of new products and resources... all wrapped up in a sweet new look! 

These products and resources are designed to help primary school teachers integrate cyber safety awareness and digital technologies concepts easily throughout the year. 

Take a scroll through what is new in 2022... (in no particular order, we are equally excited about it all!)

Unplugged Coding - Felt Ball Pack

Inspired by the characters in The Tweeting Galah, these tactile, handmade felt balls will be a hit in your Digital Technologies lessons.

Along with the accompanying coding mats, students will use the felt balls to define simple problems, and describe and follow a sequence of steps and decisions (algorithms) needed to solve them.

Purchase your class set here.

Unplugged Coding


The Little Possum Imaginative Play Pack

A sustainable book & puppet pack to spark imaginations and promote screen-free play. Children will love immersing themselves in creative, open-ended play using the puppets and treehouse play-box (yes, the packaging literally unfolds into a play mat!) Hours of fun, with endless possibilities! 

Order your Little Possum Imaginative Play Pack here.

Little Possum Imaginative Play Pack


Teacher Stamps

Treat yourself to a beautiful set of Tweeting Galah inspired stamps to make your marking quicker, brighter and more fun!

Includes three brightly coloured stamps in a handmade keepsake bag.

  • Pink: "You've gone above and beyond"
  • Blue: "This is very cool work!"
  • Orange: "Remember to look out for..."

Grab your set here.

Teacher Stamps


The Tweeting Galah Live Shows 

Join Marty & the team from Inform & Empower as they bring to life the characters from The Tweeting Galah series during their live virtual shows for Years 3-4 students!

Each term, your class will participate in a live virtual cyber safety presentation, plus receive a pack of books and supporting lesson ideas.

Sign your class up here.

Inform & Empower Every Term Every Student


New Look Packaging

Enjoy the thrill of opening your Tweeting Galah order when it arrives in our new, more sustainable packaging! We have joined the No Issue Eco-Alliance as a way of lowering our environmental impact. Our mailers, tissue paper and stickers are bright and fun, plus reusable and compostable. We have also swapped out our plastic bags for locally handmade bags, which we use for the Augmented Reality cards, puppets and stamps.

packaging no issue the tweeting galah

The Zooming Owl - in paperback!

In March 2020, I released an emergency eBook for teachers, parents and students - addressing the unique situation the world faced in moving to online learning due to the COVID-19 lockdowns. 

This eBook has been used by teachers around the world, with over 12,500 students hearing the story of Gabbo and his class trying to work out how to 'zoom'! 

And now, for the first time, The Zooming Owl is going to be available in print as well! This will make the book easier to integrate into a physical classroom.

Purchase your copy of the printed Zooming Owl as part of the Teacher's 'Anytime, Anywhere' Pack. *Available from mid-January, 2022.


International Shipping is back

We are so excited to be able to offer international shipping again! After almost two years of only being able to ship within Australia due to restrictions, delays and cost, we are once again able to ship some of our best selling packs overseas. So, no matter where in the world you are ... you can now get your hands on more than just our eBooks! Place an order for complete paperback packs, or some stamps, or even some puppets! 

Shop worldwide shipping now.

Worldwide shipping The Tweeting Galah


Guest Blog

We are launching The Nook - a little space dedicated to ideas, inspiration and advice for integrating The Tweeting Galah into your classroom, daycare, library or home. And we want you to be part of it!

We are on the hunt for enthusiastic and creative educators, librarians and/or parents who want to contribute to the blog.

To find out more please email


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