The Teacher's Complete eBook Pack

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This pack includes all eBook products in The Tweeting Galah series. This includes:

  • The Tweeting Galah (eBook)
  • The Surfing Penguin (eBook)
  • The Little Possum who Looked Up (eBook)
  • The Zooming Owl (eBook)

(Note: photos are to show a preview of all the front covers and inside spreads. This pack is made up of eBooks only. If you would like to purchase paperback versions please purchase the Teacher's Complete Printed Pack)


Created for teachers ...

Aligned with the Australian Curriculum (Digital Technologies, Health, English and ICT Capability). Suitable for primary school students.

Each story concludes with a series of reflection questions to stimulate classroom discussion.

The Tweeting Galah series has been written by Australian author, Kim Maslin - an experienced classroom teacher with a background in digital technologies. 

About The Tweeting Galah series ...

Join Gabbo, the cheeky galah from Western Australia, and his friends as they learn how to navigate the world of social networking, online gaming and digital devices. 

The Tweeting Galah is a collection of short stories about growing up in the digital age. Uniquely Australian characters bring to life the modern-day dilemmas faced by children in today's technology-rich world.

Funny, quirky and relatable.

These cyber safety stories will delight young readers, while serving as important conversation starters for parents and teachers.

With almost 9,000 copies sold worldwide, The Tweeting Galah cyber safety series is the "Aesop's Fables of the 21st Century" that will delight young and old alike!